“You Are My Sunshine” Diaper Cake

Diaper cake

I was asked by a friend to make a diaper cake for an office baby shower.  The theme was “You’re My Sunshine”.  I wanted to make a diaper cake that was filled with goodies and not a whole bunch of “decorative” items that will just end up in the trash.  I’m a big advocate on recycling materials into something useful.  My purpose for this diaper cake was to make it beautiful and yet functional.  In this post, I’ll be showing you the items I used to make this diaper cake.  There will be separate postings on each of the items I made.

The items I used on this diaper cake were:

  • Yellow Ruffled Skirt
  • Pink Bow Headband
  • Flower Blossom Headband
  • Grey Flower Sandals
  • Yellow Sun Flower
  • Beaded Necklace
  • Receiving Blanket
  • Ivory Bow Sash
  • Cake Stand


Every item mentioned above were handmade, which adds more of a unique touch to the diaper cake.  Even the cake stand was custom made by using leftover cardboard boxes I have lying around.  Remember to reuse, reduce, recycle, and re-purpose.


Before you start a diaper cake, you’ll need a cake stand to hold all of your diapers in place.


Roll up each diaper and use a rubber band on each of them to keep them tight.  After you finish rolling all of the diapers, use a large rubber band to hold the diapers together to make a tier like the picture above. For my diaper cake, I made two tiers with my bottom tier having more diapers, and a larger circumference.


Place the larger tier of the diapers onto the cake stand.  You’ll need to remove a diaper from the middle of the tier to fit it onto the cake stand.


Take the yellow ruffled skirt and place it over the diapers.


Using the Ivory Sash and wrap it around the skirt.  Use a safety pin to secure the sash.  Be sure to pin it to the back side, so the safety pin is hidden.

IMG_4693 IMG_4695

Take the beaded necklace and place it in front of the sash.  Secure using clamps.

IMG_4613 IMG_4615

For the top layer of the diaper cake, I wanted to make it look like it had a fondant finish.  To do this, fold the receiving blanket so the print of the fabric is equal to the height of the diapers.  Then roll the diapers with the receiving blanket.



When you finish rolling, it should look like this.


Slightly fold the edges in


Place the top layer of the diapers onto the cake stand.  Don’t forget to remove a diaper from the center before placing it onto the cake stand.  Tuck the receiving blanket towards the center.


Tuck the lace from the skirt into the top layer


Use the Pink Bow Headband to wrap around the receiving blanket to secure.

IMG_4701 IMG_4703

Take a matching ribbon and wrap it around the headband. Tuck the ends behind the bow. Wrap the rubber band behind the bow to secure.


I made a cylinder out of scrapbook paper to fit over the cake stand holder.

IMG_4704 IMG_4705

We’re almost done.  Place the large flower headband in front of the cylinder and secure using a safety pin.

IMG_4706 IMG_4707

Place adhesive velcro onto a clothes pin.  Then hot glue another clothes pin and glue it to the first clothes pin with velcro.  IMG_4820

Clip the clothes pin onto the cylinder and place the sunflower onto the Velcro clothes pin.  This is what the back looks like.


Safety pin the grey flowers onto the diaper cake and then enjoy your accomplishment.

IMG_4714IMG_4711 IMG_4710


I hope the person who had received this diaper cake loved it as much as I do.  I even had my daughter model all the items on this diaper cake.

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