Snow White Birthday Party


We had just celebrated the most amazing birthday party for my daughter’s first birthday.  We went with the theme Snow White and the Seven Dwarf since my daughter’s hair is black.  I know that is not a very good indicator to choose a birthday theme, but here we are.

The main focus of the color for the party for the Snow White section are Red and Gold with a touch of Blue.  We’ve added some little birds to the draperies to have that whimsical effect.  Of course, we cannot forget the red bow that makes it “Snow White” on the dessert table.

DSC02999 DSC02998

This party décor would not happen if I didn’t get my new die-cutting machine.  I don’t know how I lived without it before!  I used my die-cut machine to cut out all the letters and shapes of the banner.



I had taken the poison potion idea that was inspired by another blogger.




Throughout the house, I had touches of other elements from the Snow White.


In the dining area, I had set up a mining area where it acts as a photo booth.  There are 7 dwarf hats and photo props.

DSC03007 DSC03012 DSC03002

Here we have mining gems and mine carts.  For the mining gems, they’re actually gummy candies I made using Jello and Gelatin.  You can find the video instructions here.


It was so fun to see all the guests and kids playing with the props.  I hope this will inspire those out there who are planning for the same theme as my daughter’s birthday party.

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