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I LOVE my craft room.  I’ve always dreamed of having my very own craft room since I was young.  After my hubby and I bought our house,  I told him that I was going to take one of the bedrooms and convert it to a craft room.  I searched high and low around the internet for the perfect design for my craft room.  It was from an episode of HGTV’s Design Star that sparked the inspiration for the graphic design in my room.

I knew I wanted a shade of red paint on my wall, as red is the color for passion, which is how I feel about crafting and designing.  However, getting the right shade of red was tough (I wanted a fuschia red).  I went through 3 buckets of red paint at 3 different paint stores, painted the wall several times and it still didn’t feel right.  Finally, I went to Sherwin Williams and gave them a sample of the color that I wanted.  Three hours later, the sales guy was able to match the color I wanted. YAY!



IMG_3233I had custom made closet shelving to accommodate my collections of fabric. I also modified an Ikea desk to make it into an L-shaped table to fit my sewing machine and serger, and, of course, I couldn’t forget to add a small table for all my DIY projects.  I took some cutout pictures from design magazines and framed it onto the wall to complete the overall look.


I had hard time finding a craft table to fit all my needs.  Most of them were either too big or just too small.  I had to come up with an alternative solution, which was to “Do it yourself”.

IMG_3239 IMG_3237

IMG_3244  IMG_3245

I had drafted several versions of the craft tables with the dimensions of each board cut out into their respective sizes.  I put wheels on the bottom of each table, which allows the tables to move freely, so I can also put them back to back, which allows me to spread my fabric across a larger surface area if needed.

IMG_3234The floating shelves are 4 Ikea shelves put together (2 shelves for each row).  I had put some heavy duty double adhesive tape between the two shelves to make it look seamless.  For the cork board, I bought two rolls of 25″ wide cork and 2 foam boards (cut to size), and glued it all together.  I then screwed the boards onto the wall, and added some Ikea picture ledges and accessories.



I also made a gift wrap rack, which uses a couple of dowels, and two 1×2’s.  I had routed the 1×2’s and attached some hooks to hold on to the dowels.  It’s super easy and cheap to make.



This concludes my craft room.  I hope you like it as much as I do.






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