Mason Jar Mix Label


Sometimes when I want to make egg puffs, it would take about 15 minutes just to prep.  To combat this issue, I have discovered that I can make the mix ahead of time and store the dry ingredients in a mason jar.  Wait, but how would I know how much wet ingredients to mix? Problem solved, just add a note card and attach it to the mason jar.  Wow, that took a lot of brain power.

For this simple project, you’ll need the following which you can get at a local craft store:

-Chalk label stickers (I got mine at Amazon, which also comes with a white marker)

-Chalk note card

-Some elastic strings

-Colored pens (the light color ones works the best)




Use the color pencils and write on the chalk note card of the remaining amounts to be added to the dry mix


Take some strings and string the note card in.  Knot it.


Wrap it around the mason jar and you’re done!

You can also put cookie mixes and give it away as gifts.  Look how beautiful this is.

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