Hair Accessories Organizer

Hair accessories organizer frame for headband and hair clips

My daughter has way too many hair accessories.  I used to store them in her drawers, but too often, one of the hair clips would go missing or the headbands were tangled up.  To combat this problem, I wanted to make a hair accessories organizer that can store her headbands and hair clips all in one place.

So I went to my local craft store to search for a picture frame, but I did not find one that was suitable for my project.  I never make it easy for myself when it comes to my project, so I got to make everything from scratch, including the frame.  You can see how I make my frame at this link. DIY Picture frame

For this project, you will need:

-Acrylic paint in whatever colors you desire

-stencils (I had made mine using a cutting machine)

-staple gun


-flat door knobs or decorative knobs

For the back board, I wanted it to feel like a piece of art work, so I chose the flower burst design.  I drew the chevron in metallic silver in the background and then painted the flowers.



I then wrapped the purple ribbon around the board and tape it in the back to temporary secure.   Later, I used a staple gun to lock the ribbon in place.


I drilled 4 holes into the bottom frame and screwed in the door knobs.  You can also buy some decorative knobs and screwed them in.  I had made these colorful flowers out of resin and hot glue them to the knobs.

IMG_6981 IMG_6982

Here are some closer shots of the flowers.

IMG_7075 IMG_7074

Each color flower coordinates with the color of the headbands.

I also personalized the organizer with my daughter’s name using a paper cutter.


Here is the finished product!


IMG_7076 IMG_7072


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