DIY Picture frame


I made this picture frame from scratch because I couldn’t find one that I can buy.  I used this picture frame for my daughter’s hair accessories organizer.

If you have basic knowledge of woodworking, this should not take too long to make.  I am not a professional carpenter nor do I have any formal training.  So my woodworking terminology may not be correct, but I will try my best to describe what I used.

Supplies you will need:

1×4 wood

router and bits


Kreg pocket hole K4 jig

Kreg pocket hole screws

screw driver

Miter saw


Measure out the size you need and miter at 90 degrees of 1×4.  Then using a straight router bit and cut 1/2″ from the edges.  This is will the backboard will sit.


On the front side of the board, I used a chamfer bit on one side and a rounded ogee bit on the other edge.IMG_6781

To fasten the joints together, I used a Kreg Pocket hole K4 jig and screwed the 4 pieces together.


Use a clamp to lock the pieces together to prevent the pieces shifting while screwing it together.IMG_6783

There you have it.  All finished.  Now you’ll just need to sand it down with a 150 and 220 grit sandpaper and spray paint it to whatever your heart desires.




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