Designer Christmas Tree


Ever wonder how you can make your Christmas tree look fuller?  Look no more, I’m going to show you how it is done with a few added steps to your tree trimming.


Supplies (Based on a 7.5′ tree):

To make the garland, you will need 2-3 rolls of the following

  • 21″ purple deco mesh ribbon
  • 5.5″ green deco mesh ribbon
  • 1.5 blue ribbon, peacock ribbon (or any type you’d like), green ribbon
  • 3-5 Garland wire forms
  • 2 tube ribbons (optional)

Tree trimming supplies (mine is in the colors of Blue, Green, White, and Silver)

  • 5-10 Large size Ornaments
  • 10-20 Medium size Ornaments
  • 30-50 Small Size Ornaments
  • 15-30 Picks/assorted ornaments
  • 2 of each white and green poinsettia
  • 5-10 White berries picks
  • 6 Curly picks
  • 3 Bendable glitter ribbon


The trick to making the tree look fuller is by adding the deco mesh ribbon.  You can find a tutorial video here.  In the video, they made it much fuller than how I did it.  I only used 5 types of ribbons and this is what I come up with.  Not so great looking… but It’ll look like a million bucks once it’s on the tree.


Wrap it around the tree starting from the top.



Secure the garland by using the garland wire and tie it to your tree


When you are ready to put the ornaments onto the tree, try putting on one color at a time. I also learned that turning on the tree lights will help visualize the fullness of the tree.  Here, I’ve added green and blue ornaments onto the tree then I proceeded with white and silver ornaments.



I’ve also added some unique ornaments to my tree to add an extra flare.


After placing all ornaments, add picks to fill in any empty spots.  Take the poinsettias leaves apart and place them towards to top of the tree.  The curly picks will also be used to top the tree.


Add some white berry picks to add height to your tree.


To finish off, use a bendable glitter ribbon and wrap around the garland.


Now you have a designer looking tree without the costs of hiring a designer.

IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7331




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