Basketball Theme Birthday Party

My husband is a big basketball fan. So, for our son’s 1st birthday party, it was obvious what the theme was going to be.    I didn’t want the decor to be tacky with orange everything slapped onto our walls.  I wanted it to be fun and memorable.


Here, I had a scoreboard print wrapped over an existing painting, which I hung as a banner. I wanted our serving area to feel like guests were going to the concession stands.


For the table cover, I cut another white plastic table cover into strips, and then I used double adhesive tape to lay them on top of the orange table cover.


For snacks, I served homemade Cracker Jack popcorn in cones that were cutout from scrapbook paper.  I made the cone holder box out of old diaper boxes.  I covered the boxes with green fabric (use adhesive spray) and finished it off with colorful ribbons.


Eating area:  This is the Referee table.  This table cover was also created by using cut up white strips cut from another table cover and taped onto the black cover.


This is the desert bar, which was the center piece of the party.  I used decorative wrapping paper and taped it around the table.


For party favors, I had re-used baby food jars and filled them with candy.  I designed the “thank you” topper myself (please feel free to use the template) and taped it on top of the jar.  I finished the jar with ribbons.


The championship banner was made from felt, and the basketball trophy was put together with a wooden base, some plastic, and a balloon all painted in gold.


These blow-outs were purchased at dollar tree and I had replaced the original design with my own basketball paper cutout (which you can also use for free, just print and cut).

If you like the placecard, you can also download it here.  Just print and cut. All I ask is to share and like this post =)


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